2. Understand the Value Stream

It is vital to understand the full end-to-end process starting with the customer.  This is simply so that you can understand what you are working with and make improvements.

The full end-to-end process is called the Value Stream is defined as…

All the elements & actions end-to-end that are required to deliver the product or serviceValue stream

By understanding the value stream you can identify the value adding steps and then the non-value adding and waste steps.

This is gives you the opportunity to minimise or eliminate non-value adding and waste steps and optimise value adding steps

You can use procedures,  process mapping or value stream mapping to flag value, non-value adding and waste activities


For each steps you must critically ask:-

    • Does the step / process add value?
    • Is the step / process capable?
    • Is the step / process available?
    • Is the step / process flexible?

Once you have drawn up the existing position you are in a great position to identify waste and plan to progress towards a future state that…

  • Optimises Value
  • Minimises non-value-add
  • Minimises or eliminates where possible, waste


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