5 Lean Principles

The thought process of lean was thoroughly described in the book The Machine That Changed the World (1990) by James P. Womack, Daniel Roos, and Daniel T. Jones.

In a subsequent volume, Lean Thinking (1996), James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones distilled these lean principles even further, to five:

5 principles v2

  1. Specify the value desired by the customer
  2. Identify the value stream for each product or service providing that value and challenge all of the wasted steps (generally nine out of ten) currently necessary to provide it
  3. Make the process flow continuously
  4. Introduce pull between all steps where continuous flow is possible
  5. Manage toward perfection

You may feel that your Operation is in a downward spiral with things getting worse and worse….


….applying the 5 Lean Principles stops the downward spiral and turns the direction around – opening the Positive Jaws

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