Room for improvement?

Sometimes I talk to staff members and get challenged regarding the ideas and principles of Operation Excellence and Lean.

Usually staff members have not engaged with the core principles of Lean or understood the idea of value and waste.  Sometime they see Lean as simply ‘more work to do’.

Listening to their challenges, it sounds confusing because what I  hear is that firstly their area is ‘special’ and lean would ‘not work here’.  Secondly, the perception is that all the problems and headaches are impossible to improve and  usually someone else’s problem.

I think that in this scenario people do not want to listen because they have the perception that their area is perfect – no room for improvement.

It is important to re-communicate, and ensure that people have heard and understood what Lean ‘means for them’ . Put simply its about making peoples lives easier in the long run.  However, people need to realise that there is always waste in an operation and so the  opportunity to strive for perfection!



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