Leaders and followers

We are all leaders and followers

A significant part of creating Operations Excellence is the way we all work together.    Perhaps this scenarios below are familiar to you?

  • As a boss – “my team do not respect me and are working against me”
  • As a team member –  “the boss doesn’t know what he/she is talking about and he/she is always picking on me”
  • “Have you heard, someone from head office is introducing lean – I want to get as far away from it as possible – sounds like more work”

None of this is ideal for Operational Excellence, even if we have the best kit/processes/products/services!

We can all agree that we want the best outcome for our team, business, initiative, piece of work or customers.  Another true fact is that unless you are the chairman of the board – everyone in an organisation however big or small is a leader and a follower through the day!

Which role we play depends on who it is we are interacting with.  We all have the opportunity to move from being a  good leader to a good follower seamlessly.


The reason why this matters is that good leaders and followers have better interactions, make the most of their situations and achieve the better results.

Luckily, good leadership and followership are part of the Operations Excellence Roadmap…..


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